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United States Medical Waste Services
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Experience top-tier online OSHA training with United States Medical Waste Services, LLC. Your trusted partner for compliant and efficient safety education.

Online OSHA Compliance Training

At United States Medical Waste Services we provide online OSHA-compliant training courses to ensure that everyone in the medical field is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest regulations. We also provide a variety of learning materials that allow our clients to stay informed and compliant with the latest standards. With our easy-to-use resources, you can be sure that your medical waste is being handled with the highest level of safety and accuracy.

About Our Online OSHA Compliance Training Service

Online OSHA Training Guide

Step 1
  • Open a Web Browser: Open your preferred web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

  • Enter the URL: In the address bar, type into web browser search bar.

Navigate to the Website
OSHA Training contact
Step 2
  • Find the Login/Signup Button: On the homepage, locate the "Login" or "Sign Up" button, usually found in the top-right corner.

  • Enter Credentials: If you already have an account, enter your username and password. If you're new, you may need to click on "Sign Up" and fill in the necessary details to create an account.

Login or Sign-up
sign up for osha training
Step 3
  • Navigate to Training Section: Once logged in, look for the training section, usually found in the main menu or dashboard.

  • Browse Courses: Browse through the available training courses to find the one that suits your needs.

  • Click on the Selected Course: Click on the desired course to access more details or start the training.

Select Training Course
select an osha training
Step 4
  • Start Training: Watch the videos and take the provided quizzes 

  • Follow the Course: Proceed through the lessons, modules, or sections as guided by the course structure, and enjoy your online training!

  • Certificate of Completion: Once you have taken the course and passed the quizzes, we will email you your certificate.

  • Pro Tip: Click Here To View Sample Video

Begin the Training
begin he osha training

Why Choose United States Medical Waste Is The Clear Choice!

Locally Owned

When you choose to support our locally owned business, you can trust that you are making a positive impact on your community, as your patronage directly supports local jobs, services, and initiatives.

Veteran Owned

We are honored to be a veteran-owned business, founded and operated by individuals who have proudly served in the military. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and service is deeply rooted in our military experience.

Total Security

By emphasizing total compliance, we aim to build trust with our stakeholders, protect our reputation, and contribute to a fair and sustainable business environment.

At United States Medical Waste Services, we are dedicated to keeping your business compliant and safe. We understand the importance training your staff which is why we provide the best Online OSHA Training and compliance portal for medical waste management services in the area. 

Industry Leading Online OSHA Training

Information on bloodborne pathogens and diseases, methods used to control occupational exposure, hepatitis B vaccine, and medical evaluation and post-exposure follow-up procedures. Must be taken by all personnel who could come in contact with Potentially Infectious Material.

Time: 1 Hour, 21 Minutes

Frequency: Required Annually

Cost: 1 Credit

Take the hassle out of training your staff with on-demand, easy to use online training by Compliance Publishing. Train your staff anytime, and anywhere. No need for expensive consultants, no need to close your office on training days. Take training individually, or as a group, assign training, track your employee's training progress, and view all training certificates. Click Here To View Sample Video

Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare
  • Provide your employees with comprehensive online video training to keep your facility in full OSHA and HHS compliance. Training sessions can be conducted either individually or as a group.

  • Each employee receives their own training center to view their assignments, training certificates, and training history.

  • The Administration view allows the office manager to conduct group training, assign training, view all employees training status and certificates of completion, send reminders, import employees, and much more.

  • Compliance Publishing provides comprehensive, online training that allows you to train your employees on your schedule. Individual or group training, Compliance Publishing makes it easy. The administration tools give you complete control over your training program.

  • Manage OSHA compliance via one powerful web portal.

  • San Diego Medical Waste Services helps manage your compliance needs with our one-stop online compliance solution. Compatible with your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, you can conveniently manage and protect your business anywhere, anytime.

Software Solutions for training your employees

Safety Plans - Complete the OSHA required safety plans in less than one hour. Easily edit the safety plans if there is a change in employees or protocol.

  • Emergency Action Plan

  • Exposure Control Plan

  • Fire Prevention Program

  • Hazard Communication Program

Safety Audits - Audit the office or facility to make sure it is in full OSHA compliance.

  • Creates a full graphical report, complete with comments, photos, and corrective action plan

  • Over 75 different audits

  • Assign corrective actions on safety deficiencies

  • Add notes to deficiencies

  • Take a photo of deficiencies

What If I Need Safety Plans And Safety Audits
  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare: 1 hour, 21 minutes Required Annually 1 Credit

  • Bloodborne Pathogens for Schools: 45 minutes Required Annually 1 Credit

  • HIPAA: 1 hour, 10 minutes Required Annually 1 Credit

  • Hazcom (GHS): 45 minutes Required 1 Credit

  • DoT: Regulated Medical Waste: 41 minutes Required Annually 1 Credit

  • Personal Protective Equipment for Healthcare: 25 minutes 1 Credit

  • Sharps Safety: 19 minutes 1 Credit

  • Fire Safety: 30 minutes 1 Credit

  • Electrical Safety: 30 minutes 1 Credit

  • Hand Hygiene for Healthcare: 20 minutes 1 Credit

  • Ergonomics: 25 minutes 1 Credit

  • Workplace Violence Prevention: 1 Credit

  • Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: 76 minutes 1 Credit

  • Medicare C & D Compliance: 19 minutes 1 Credit

What Trainings Are Currently Being Offered?

Scheduled Service Frequencies

  • Weekly (Every 1-Week)

  • Bi-Weekly (Every 2-Week)

  • Monthly (Every 4-Week)

  • Bi-Monthly (Every 8-Weeks)

  • Quarterly (Every-12Weeks)

  • Will Call (As Requested)

We understand that your sharps disposal needs are unique, which is why we offer flexible service schedules tailored to your organization's requirements. You can choose from any of the following secure electronics recycling frequencies:

medical waste truck

Dive into our concise OSHA BBP training video, tailored for healthcare professionals and workers in risk-prone environments. This informative session elucidates the fundamental principles of bloodborne pathogens, emphasizing safety protocols, exposure risks, and effective preventive measures. Equipped with real-life scenarios and expert insights, it's a must-watch for those aiming for a safer, compliant workplace.

Sample Our Online OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Training

FAQ About Our Online OSHA Training Courses

  • We believe in fair and simple pricing. Each course requires a single training credit. Each training credits cost between $15 to $21 per credit, depending on how many you purchase at one time.

  • Absolutely. This is one of our most popular features. When you train a group, everyone watches the training videos together, answers the test questions as a group, and then the system provides an individual training certificate for each trainee.

  • Group training, just like individual training, requires one training credit for each trainee, for each course taken.

  • Each of our packages come with 10 training credits (each good for one training).  No matter when you sign up, on Jan 1st of each year your account will be credited with 10 more training credits.  Additional training credits may be purchased in any quantity (No minimum) by contacting us. 

  • Once you are all signed up for our services, our team will contact you to set you up in our system and will give you simple instructions on how to login and get started training.

Monday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Tuesday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Wednesday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Thursday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Friday: 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

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Medical Waste Containers 101

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Containers

In compliance with the Health and Safety Code Sections 17600 - 118360. Containers shall comply with United States Department of Transportation requirements when prepared for transport offsite from the facility.​​​

  • NO Loose Sharps can be placed inside of this container. (Use a sharps container)

  • NO PHARMACEUTICALS can be placed inside of this container

  • Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Containers Dimension:

    • 18 Gallon: 16"H x 19″W x 19″D *TW@8lb

    • 28 Gallon: 22"H x 19″W x 19″D *TW@9.6lb

    • 38 Gallon: 33"H x 19″W x 19″D *TW@11lb

    • 10 Gallon: 16"H x 20″W x 12.5″D *TW@11lb

    • 17 Gallon: 26"H x 20″W x 12.5″D *TW@11lb

Designated Accumulation Area
Regulated Medcal Waste Containers
Primary Biohazard Waste Container (Bedside)

In compliance with the Health and Safety Code Sections 17600 - 118360. Containers shall comply with United States Department of Transportation requirements when prepared for transport offsite from the facility.​

  • Medical waste may be placed into a biohazard bag not to exceed three pounds or one gallon

  • Tied, as required, in a patient room and shall be immediately transported upon completion of the procedure directly from the point of generation and placed into a Regulated Medical Waste RMW Container

  • NO Loose Sharps can be placed inside of this container. (Use a sharps container)

  • NO PHARMACEUTICALS can be placed inside of this container

Interim Storage Area
biohazard waste containers
Primary Sharps Waste Container (Bedside)

“Sharps container” means a rigid puncture-resistant container used in patient care or research activities meeting the standards of, and receiving approval from, the United States Food and Drug Administration as a medical device used for the collection of discarded medical needles or other sharps.​

  • Sharps containers are single use and are expendable to the generator.  Sharps containers may be purchased from San Diego Medical Waste Services separately from your disposal service by visiting

  • NO PHARMACEUTICALS can be placed inside of this container

Primary Sharps Waste Container
sharps waste containers
Primary Pharmaceutical Waste Container (Bedside)

Pharmaceutical waste should be incinerated or treated using approved methods. Charcoal-based products aren't approved, so use a pharmaceutical waste container for disposal. Don't mix pharmaceuticals with these products in solid waste, biohazard, or sharps containers.

  • All Pharmaceuticals Must Be Placed Into A Pharmaceutical Waste Container At Point Of Generation. 

  • Loose Sharps can be placed inside of this container. (Used a sharps container)

  • Once Ready For Disposal, Place Pharmaceutical Waste Containers Next To (NOT INSIDE OF) The Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Container To Be Picked Up During Your Scheduled Service Day. 

Interim Storage Area
Pharmaceutical waste containers
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